About Us


Aqva Engineering Solutions was founded by a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, who is the Lead Consultant of Aqva Engineering Solutions to offer Engineering Consultancy Services for investments in Plumbing & Special Projects, consisting of,

  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewage & industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Plumbing services of industrial & commercial buildings 
  • Industrial bore wells and
  • Special projects depending on our unique strengths

We offer not only conventional Engineering solutions, but hi-tech innovative solutions also.

Membrane bio reactor technology (MBR) for wastewater treatment and vacuum evaporation technology for water & wastewater treatment are among hi-tech innovative solutions.

Aqva Engineering Solutions is registered at the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) as a consultant/specialist for technical guidance on water pollution control (i.e. sewage & industrial effluent treatment plants).

Engineering Design

Design of Engineering solutions to meet clients’ requirements.

Project Cost

Preliminary cost estimates during the planning phase of the project.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation required by financial institutions and authorities during the planning phase of the project.

Bidding Documents

Preparation of bidding documents for competitive bidding.

Evaluation of Bids

A comprehensive evaluation of the bids and recommendations to the client on the eligible bids.

Project Management

Management of the project execution activities to achieve the project deliverables.

Our Vision

Be the leader in Engineering consultancy services for plumbing related projects in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Assuring Engineering returns on investments on plumbing-related projects through professionalism, innovation and dependability.

Our Values




Profile of the Lead Consultant

The lead consultant of Aqva Engineering Solutions is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering (B.Sc.Eng. Hons), University of Moratuwa. Also, he holds a Master of Business Administration from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

He has a post-qualifying experience of over two decades including MEP Design & construction with foreign contractors & consultants operating in Sri Lanka and heading the Engineering function of reputed manufacturing organisations in Sri Lanka.

He has got enormous exposure into design, construction, testing & commissioning and operation & maintenance of water treatment plants, sewage & industrial effluent treatment plants, plumbing services of buildings and industrial bore wells, during his professional career.

Remarkable Contributions to Sewage & Industrial Effluent Treatment

MBR Sewage & Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant in the FMCG Industry

He has initiated three MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) based sewage and industrial treatment plants with low discharge COD/BOD (30/5 mg/l). An MBR plant (retrofit of an MBR in to an existing plant) for sewage and industrial effluent treatment in the FMCG industry was commissioned in 2015. Another MBR plant for sewage treatment in the soft drink industry was commissioned in the same year.

Construction of the third low discharge COD/BOD (30/5 mg/l) MBR plant for sewage and industrial effluent treatment in the liquor industry is in the pipeline. These are the first three MBR plants in Sri Lanka with low discharge COD/BOD (30/5 mg/l), according to the available information.

MBR Sewage Treatment Plant in the Soft Drink Industry

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) is established under the provisions of an act of the parliament of Sri Lanka. The CEA is granted with a wide set of regulatory powers under the National Environment Acts.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has the overall responsibility in the affairs of the CEA with the objective of integrating environmental considerations in the development process of the country.

For legal compliance of any building or facility, discharge of waste water in to the environment is required to be complied with the guidelines stipulated by the CEA.